VAC is a high priority concern in commercial & industrial buildings, and is typically up to 40 percent of utility costs.

Peterson Service Company can help you save energy, reduce your bills, and extend the lifespan of equipment.

We solve a wide variety of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and control system problems: from minor repairs on small systems to design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of the industry’s most sophisticated equipment and temperature control systems. Our expertise also extends to computer room environments, centrifugal units, electronic and pneumatic temperature control systems.

Peterson Service Company provides a comprehensive range of HVAC services and energy solutions to keep your equipment running at peak performance levels, to reduce energy costs, and protect our customers’ investment in capital equipment. Our capabilities range from minor repairs and preventive maintenance on commercial and industrial systems to design, installation and monitoring of the industry’s most sophisticated equipment and temperature control systems. Our highly-skilled and superior-trained technicians have experience with all major makes, models & systems. As a reliable source for 24-hour HVAC service throughout the Delaware Valley, we are an MSCA Star Qualified Service Provider:

Maintenance Programs

Peterson specializes in planned service agreements for regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections that are customized to your budget and unique requirements of your HVAC system. We ensure that your HVAC system and equipment is running as efficiently as possible, fixing costs, extending lifespan of equipment and identifying potential problems before costly breakdowns occur.
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We modify existing equipment and systems with additional or new components to accommodate changes in building space configuration, layout and utilization. To get the most occupant comfort and energy efficiency out of your current HVAC system, and to reduce costs, your new system should be retrofitted with a design that matches the current needs of the facility.
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Peterson helps customers plan for the replacement and upgrading of components on a proactive basis. It’s cheaper to do before something breaks. We know what to look for and can provide our customers with a proactive plan that takes into account budgetary restrictions and facility requirements.
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Peterson is a leading provider of programmable digital controls and software solutions for automated, HVAC operations and web-based, energy management. With direct, digital controls for HVAC operations, Peterson customers achieve higher efficiency and system performance that translates into lower energy and business operating costs. Peterson Service Company is a full-service HVAC company with 30 years of experience with commercial & industrial buildings.
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Why Us?


  • Certified Technicians
  • Energy-Certified Specialists
  • Premier Safety Standards
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Ongoing Training

What If?

A business partner could help you…

  • Reduce energy costs.
  • Improve the air quality and water efficiency within your building.
  • Provide a total systems approach to your building operations.
  • Create the best possible indoor climate for people working in your building.
  • Ensure all federal and local environmental regulations are met.